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What dates and times are you open?

Visit our ticket site for more details. 

Is it scary? How scary is it?

Yes. We like to think it is scary, and we are sure you will agree. Everyone's level of scary is different. Some people are afraid of ghosts, others fear zombies. Some people jump and scream when people pop out from unexpected places, others fall to the floor in a catatonic state when a crazed doctor comes at them with a butcher knife and a severed leg. Others are fine through all of these experiences and then go white and speechless when confronted with high-pitched, demented clowns. We cater to all flavors of fear.

When is the best time to visit Nile Nightmares?

We recommend coming early in the season and early in the evening for the shortest lines.

Will I get touched?

Only once or twice by our freaky clown baby. Other than that, you're safe. Do your best not to touch the actors or props, and they will do their best not to touch you.

What is NOT permitted in the haunted attraction?

We do not allow alcohol, weapons, vulgar behavior, pushing, or foul language. Smoking and vaping are allowed ONLY in the parking lot. No touching of the actors or props. Absolutely NO use of cell phones, cameras, or flashlights inside. You may be removed from the haunted attraction if you appear intoxicated, touch, damage, or injure any of the props or actors, or show signs of excessive behavior.

How can I become part of the Nile Nightmares "scream team"?

We are always looking for talented volunteer actors, builders, and make-up artists. To join our team and become involved in our scary fun events throughout the year, visit our Volunteers page for details.

How much does it cost? Where can I buy tickets?

Visit our ticketing page for details. Special events and large group discounts are available.

What is the recommended age limit?

We recommend that guests be 12 and older. For younger and more sensitive guests, we recommend our family-friendly night (with less-scary actors who hand out trick-or-treat candy). Details can be found on our ticketing page.

Is Nile Nightmares an indoor or outdoor haunted attraction?

We are a bit of both. You will start inside, and then you will go through a series of indoor and outdoor mazes. Expect cold and possibly wet weather, with some dirty or muddy paths; so dress appropriately.

Do you stay open if it rains?

Yes! Nile Nightmares is open rain or shine. We recommended bringing a jacket and an umbrella on cold and wet nights. On nights with severe weather, we may close early. Call before arriving.

Do you serve food and beverages?

Yes! The Nile Shriners have a concession stand near the exit which serves favorites such as popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones. We also have a different guest food truck each night serving fun and unique delights to be enjoyed in the food court area. For individuals 21 and over, we also have a beer garden with a rotating selection of Northwest brews to enjoy.

How can I contact Nile Nightmares for press interviews, filming, or photo opportunities?

For media inquiries, contact us using the Contact page. Please fill out all fields including your media affiliation.

What do General and VIP admission tickets include?

General admission includes one-time admission to all haunted attractions. VIP admission includes one-time admission via the faster VIP line. We highly recommend VIP tickets later in the season to cut down on the wait time.

How long does it take to go through?

How fast can you run from a chainsaw-wielding maniac? Just kidding. We do not recommend running. Going through the haunt can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your pace, the size of your group, and the adrenaline coursing through those around you.

As an indoor/outdoor attraction, what should I wear?

You can rarely trust the weather in October, so it's always smart to bring a jacket (and maybe an umbrella). Expect cold and possibly wet weather, with some dirty or muddy paths; so practical shoes or boots for the trails.

Are cameras and cell phones allowed?

Cameras and cell phones are allowed ONLY in the queue. All cell phones, cameras, and flashlights MUST be turned off BEFORE entering the haunted attraction. Anyone caught using a camera, cell phone, or flashlight inside the haunted attraction may have it confiscated.

Can I get my money back?

No, we do not issue refunds once you purchase a ticket.

What is your “Halloween in December” event?

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean our monsters should have to hibernate until next year. This year, we’re summoning our evil elves and crazed creatures to come out and play for two weeks in December. Join us for some horror-day cheer and see if you’re on Krampus’ naughty list this year. Stay tuned for dates and times.

No refunds! Enter at your own risk!

Nile Nightmares Haunted House reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.

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