Four 5-minute games for 2-6 players: Escape the Crypt, Fright Elevator, Survivor, and Off With Your Head.
More fun to be had at the Nile!
If the Nightmares at the Nile aren't enough, we dare you to solve our five minute escape rooms for $5 per person. Can you make it to the 13th floor in the Fright Elevator? Can you escape the Crypt before time runs out? Can you Survive a cold war apocalypse? Can you solve the puzzle before your competitors and save your neck?


Escape from the Crypt if you can! This Horror themed 5 minute escape game will test your inner fortitude!
The Crypt Escape Room


This five minute escape game features a 3D motion simulator, and realistic special effects. Can you get to the 13th floor and back to the lobby in time?
The Crypt Escape Room


Set in a cold war nuclear reactor control room,  can you work under pressure? Find out in this escape game!
The Crypt Escape Room


Don’t lose your head over this escape game! A faced paced game that pits player against player! Only one can escape the Executioner. Be the first to solve the puzzle and survive! 2-4 players
The Crypt Escape Room

No refunds! Enter at your own risk!

Nile Nightmares Haunted House reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.

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