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Peter Pawlicki

  Producer   Oversees all aspects of mounting the production. Manages the overall financial and managerial functions of the production, raises or provides financial backing, and hires personnel for creative positions.

Michael Riley

  Executive Director   Handles the business and legal end of staffing. In some cases, the Executive Producer aids in the review and approval of contracts, and coordinates with the house staff (such as the stage manager, ticket office, queue staff, etc.) and backstage personnel; set builders, prop builders, scene dressers, etc.

Michael Sawyer

  Artistic Director   Ensures the quality and completeness of haunt production and leads the members of the creative team into realizing their artistic vision.

Kali Partridge

  Make-Up Director   As Make-Up Director, also responsible for overall looks and themes, continuity, execution, last-looks, etc.

Teresa Griffin

  Stage Manager   A unique position which serves the dual function of assistant to the director and production staff during the rehearsal period and then becomes the person in charge of the production during the actual run.

Patrick Jones

  Shop Manager   Maintains the security, tools, and supplies of the workshop, as well as tracking paint, lumber, hardware, and replenishing materials when necessary.

David "Shipwreck" Werven

  Sponsorship/Donations   Approaches businesses in order to provide Nile Nightmares with sponsorship, including meeting with prospective sponsors and providing information on the benefits of sponsoring Nile Nightmares The Sponsorship Coordinator also acts as a liasion between sponsors and Nile Nightmares.

Gary Pankow

  Web, Media, & Prop Design   Leads brand management, marketing communications (including advertising, promotions, and web design), market research, merchandise development and sales.

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